The adventures of Cam

Hello and welcome to a world where funny, crazy and unexpected things happen... after a hard year getting my Masters Degree and having a crazy Summer in London, I decided to go and work for the South Korean government on several teaching projects (Comm Design & English) for a private design middle school
and design university... my new adventure has begun!

Monday, 4 January 2010

Snowstorm in Seoul!

In the news this week there were articles about how Beijing was on lock-down due to the stupid amounts of snow.....but they failed to mention Seoul-it's only an hour away!

So we now have a -17C snowstorm on our hands-11 inches of snow, the most in Korea for over 70 years! I woke up this morning (6am) for work as usual, but every bus or taxi that came by, refused to take me because it was too dangerous (my workplace is halfway down a mountain!) so I got a call saying that iI didnt need to come in, at which point I began to laugh at the misfortune of those that were stood frozen at the bus stop who DID have to go to work.

I find it funny how the girls still wear high heels and skirts...but most of them are too vein to care about the weather.
On my way back home (5mins up the road), i helped several cars get unstuck (had to drive a few of them owned by women, who seemed to just panic after getting stuck). But I also noticed ANYONE who didn't have to go to work (mostly elderly) were out clearing the heavy snow to help others have a safe journey on foot or by car-i felt a great sense of community. I went home, got changed and spent he next 7 hours shoveling snow, clearing cars and picking people up off the ground.... people were obviously shocked to see this foreign black guy helping so much so if i cleared a cafe (so customers could actually get in) they gave me drinks and passers by gave me felt so good to help! It was strange!

Now my body is aching but i dont I became a real part of the community!

Friday, 1 January 2010

Welcome to 2010!

Not much that I need to say really....we partied hard, got stupidly drunk at a friends bar in Hyehwa, then to Hongdae (yey!) in just before 9am to see the new year kick off back home (UK). A good time was had by all!
Su Jung

Su Jung, My new Scottish friend Ross & bar owner Mario

Trisha & Su Jung

Happy New Year everyone!

This guy has the coolest piercing ever! and we all like hats!

Gaby and Mary.

Hana & Mario

Su Jung & Zach

Su Jung the Poser!

Mario, Su Jung & Gaby