The adventures of Cam

Hello and welcome to a world where funny, crazy and unexpected things happen... after a hard year getting my Masters Degree and having a crazy Summer in London, I decided to go and work for the South Korean government on several teaching projects (Comm Design & English) for a private design middle school
and design university... my new adventure has begun!

Friday, 26 March 2010

Seoul Fashion Week A/W 2011

I decided to take Anja to fashion week, nothing too special on show but we had a nice time.

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Old students, new friends...

Having lunch with my 2nd year university students

...another of my design undergraduates

The new semester has begun and i met several new arrivals to Seoul. We met at one of the 'meetups' - there are tons of activities and dinners for Seoulites to hang out and make new contacts. Its usually 60/30 of foreigners and koreans. 60 people turned out for a meal at the China Factory in Hyewa. Good times.

I became close with Anja, a korean from Denmark

Casey and Lydia

Fast forward to 5am.. the infamous cafe where people come to sleep before the subway opens... which is 5am in case you were wondering.