The adventures of Cam

Hello and welcome to a world where funny, crazy and unexpected things happen... after a hard year getting my Masters Degree and having a crazy Summer in London, I decided to go and work for the South Korean government on several teaching projects (Comm Design & English) for a private design middle school
and design university... my new adventure has begun!

Sunday, 27 June 2010

Back to LUV...

So by now i have become a regular at LUV lounge in Itchywon (Itaewon). I have become well established with the owner, David and often bottle service... my partner in crime is Eric, me and Eric work together and he is happily married. But he lives in the area which means he is often out getting wasted.

On this particular night, we met Adrian, a really cool guy. Most people who know me, know that most of my friends a female, so since coming to Korea, iv been trying to make some some good male friends.... but to be fair-most of them i meet are complete dicks. Anyway, Adrian introduced me to Nara.... a smart, funny and sassy girl from Canada. I like Nara, but something disturbs me about this girl, hehe! (sorry Nara, i dont know what it is though!).

Saturday, 26 June 2010

World Cup 2010: South Africa!

The games for the world cup were showing at 3 times of the day: 8:30pm, 11pm & 3am! So many places were open 24hrs.... Platoon was one of these places and because they have large screens and a comfortable surroundings to sit down in, i watched the Korea games here.

I must admit, that although football is popular here... the supporters dont have the same passion and energy as back in England and i really missed being in a bar/pub back home (my last time was the champions league in a pub in Chelsea >_<)

Most of the games i watched at home though, otherwise getting up for work would be a bitch (to my korean readers... this means not good).

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Melange Private Afterparty @ Hotel Gossip

Title says it all really... a new artist performing at a private event in Cheongdam. Met up with a friend there, it was a nice crowd (as expected in this area/location).

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Matheus is leaving Korea next week so the family went out to support him for his last DJ set in Seoul. It was at LUV Superlounge - this place opened last month so is fairly clean and fresh in terms of demographic... this is a big deal for me as i avoid Itaewon and this place has given me reason to be in this area... i have a feeling a few decent places will start popping up, splitting the area in 2... leaving old Itaewon to the less sophsticated socialite. We shall see.

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Adventures in Sky Park

A few posts back you will recall i spent one afternoon consuming beer on a rooftop. Well that afternoon was the day this random girl came up to me and smiled... gave me her number and told me she wanted to meet up. A week later we went for dinner and got on really well. 2 days after going for dinner we went to the movies. The day after, she bought me a $100 hat (hers only cost $70, ha!).... the thing is, she is so sweet and innocent she was just like a little sister and she made me laugh a lot. So no... nothing happened if you were wondering!

Anyway, we finally went for a picnic and spent the day at Sky Park walking around and enjoying the scenery. A lot of fun - i would defo take a date to this place... but cant see that happening anytime soon! (i'll say why in a later post)

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

My secrets: Part 1

I decided to start a series in my blog where i will post random images of things i have found online or created myself in order to reflect some of the crazy stuff that has passed through my mind or simply because i find it interesting-its visual emotional rollercoaster... make of it what you will for i am a pretty abnormal human being.