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Hello and welcome to a world where funny, crazy and unexpected things happen... after a hard year getting my Masters Degree and having a crazy Summer in London, I decided to go and work for the South Korean government on several teaching projects (Comm Design & English) for a private design middle school
and design university... my new adventure has begun!

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Whitenoize End of Summer Party

Another Whitenoize event is here and there are only a few days until the Summer holidays finish and everyone is back in work mode. Sarah is also leaving to head back to the US, so i couldn't miss it.

I met back up with the guys who were visiting form the US and we headed to club Answer in Cheongdam. By the time we arrived, things were already kicking off, so we decided to get a table upstairs in the VIP lounge... in Korea it never takes long to attract a few gold diggers, so a few of them arrived and we just chilled.

As the party started to heat up, we were joind by my friends and a few relatives. Three bottles of Absolut later, we were all going crazy, dancing on the sofas and tables.... it was insane! I ended up crawling out of there around 4:30am with a few friends.

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